Battery packs

CELEL specializes in custom battery packs and wire harness production.

Battery packs Primary and secondary

Battery packs

We produce alkaline, lithium manganese dioxide, lithium thionyl chloride, silver oxide, nickel cadmium, lithium ion and polymer, and sealed lead-acid battery packs. The basic cells we use are from established brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, Varta, SAFT etc.

We provide quality in-house design, contract manufacturing, engineering and assembly services, certified by ISO 9001:2015.


We have a complete traceability of each battery pack made at the factory.

The welding is done under strict quality control and each spot-weld machine is tested on regular basis.

The complete battery pack with cable can be wrapped in shrink tube or enclosed in a custom plastic/metal case.

Each battery pack is individually tested upon production and comes with a dedicated test results protocol.

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