How To Use Car Battery Chargers

How To Use Car Battery Chargers

When the car battery dies, the vehicle becomes immobile, causing quite a problem for the driver. Car battery chargers are used to get vehicle batteries running, allowing drivers to return to the road. Keeping one of these on hand is a great idea because a dead battery usually does not announce itself in advance. The battery usually does not take long to charge and this eliminates a call for assistance that could take hours to arrive.

Car battery chargers come in either the trickle variety or a large unit that moves on wheels. Regardless of which type is used, safety should always be a top priority. Electricity is involved in the charging process and this means there is a risk for injury. It is always a smart idea to wear safety glasses and protective gloves. They will protect the eyes and hands from any corrosive material that can eat the skin.

To provide the battery with a charge, find the remote charging point or the battery by looking under the vehicle hood or referring to the owner manual. If the battery is located under a vehicle seat, the remote charging point is usually under the hood. Remove plastic covers that protect the negative and positive posts of the battery. These are usually pliable, so they can be pushed to the side. Identify the location of the negative and positive terminals, respectively indicated by a minus and plus sign.

Car battery chargers should be placed in a spot that allows their cables to reach vehicle batteries. Ensure that a charger can reach an electrical outlet and use an extension cord, if necessary. Place the charger clamps on the battery, putting the red-handled clamp on the positive battery post and the black-handled clamp on the negative battery post.

Make sure the charger selection switch is off and plug the charger into the wall outlet. On the charger, select the appropriate rate or voltage. Nearly all vehicles use a 12-volt system and if there is enough time, select the slower rate, which will charge the battery in two hours. Making these selections will turn on the charger.

Set the timers on car battery chargers that have this feature and wait until the charge is complete. Unplug the charger from the outlet, disconnect its cables from the car battery, and turn on the car. If the charge was successful, the vehicle should immediately start and continue running. Drivers with further issues should investigate whether the battery needs replacement.

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